Tour Our New Website

Cute! Pet Gear online has been updated! We've streamlined the features and simplified the online ordering process based on customer use history.

It's been 7 years since Cute! Pet Gear was born and in that time, we've learned that many of our customers prefer to shop with us in person at special events, craft shows and local markets. So, instead of spending a whole bunch of time figuring out Search Engine Optimization and tweaking automated features, we've gone retro! Our new website will still highlight our available items and provide an avenue for online purchases, but we're taking a more low tech approach.

What's changed?

We've removed a few features that, though they were pretty cool, took a lot of time to maintain. Our Rewards program has been suspended (we've kept the records and all of you can still use the rewards you've earned!), our new site does not have a Wish List feature, and while we will still have periodic online sales and offer Gift Certificates, they will no longer be automated. We've also removed a few variations to items which, frankly, just weren't all that popular. If you're looking for a variation you liked (like a metal buckle, for example) and you don't see it, send us a note via the Contact Form. There's a really good chance we can still do it for you.

What's new?

When you place an order, you will first submit your order request via an online form. No payment will be collected at this first step. You will request your items on the Contact Form. Once those are received, we'll send you a PayPal invoice via email within 24 hours. The invoice will have details on all of your items, the order and shipping total, and anything else you'll need to confirm your order and pay securely online through PayPal. Take a peek at the Order Page for more details.

Take a look around!

Your view will depend on your device. The only feature that is significantly different between a computer and a mobile device is the sidebar. On a computer, you'll see it on the left. On a mobile device, you'll likely see it in the top left corner disguised as a grouping of three little lines in a square shape. Go ahead and click on that to see the full sidebar. Here's what you'll find:

Here you'll find a few brief Announcements or directions on where to click if you're looking for something - just small snippets of info, no clicking required. You'll also find a few clickable Links to special events or places you'll find us. This will change as we come upon the dates in order to highlight those events. And, this will be the place for you to search for item categories: collars, leashes, bow ties, etc. - just click on Designs to see a table of contents.

Right underneath our company name in the middle of the page is a list of website pages.

DESIGNS - This is really our Home Page. When you access the Designs Page, you can click on the pictures of the items for more detail including the item description and price. We've also enabled the comments feature on each item and welcome your comments and feedback.

SHOW SCHEDULE - Come back and check this page frequently as we've been known to make some last minute appearances at events. Many of our events won't be scheduled until Spring 2019, so keep an eye on this page.

ORDER - The Order Page will give you instructions about the new process to submit an order. For you repeat visitors, you can skip this page and head right over to the Contact Page to submit your order - that's where everything comes together. If this is your first tour, head over there and check out the process.

CONTACT - We've added a pretty cool multi-use short form to the site. Use the Contact Page to send us questions or comments and also to submit your order request.

SUBSCRIBE - If you like, you can be notified by email any time we make an update (add a new item or event date) by clicking on SUBSCRIBE in the top right area of this site. You'll only get one email a day and that's only if we update our site that day. No update, no email!

SEARCH - Last, but not least, our SEARCH feature will let you look for any word. Let's say you attended a show in the summer and you saw a fun seasonal collar, but all you could remember was that it had snowflakes on it. Search will help you find it from the tiniest detail. You can find Search in the top right corner - mobile users will see a magnifying glass 🔍.

And that's it! Low tech retro old-school website fun. Now, anyone for a game of Pong?